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  • REFPT-122911270-113
  • Local-
  • Área80 m²
  • Estado-
  • Construção1982
  • Vista-
  • Dist.Centro-
  • Dist.Praia-
  • Eficiência Energética-
Sob Consulta
  • Distrito: Setúbal
  • Concelho: Montijo
  • Freguesia: União das Freguesias de Montijo e Afonsoeiro

Golden Visa Eligible!
With all the necessary requirements for a 350K Golden Visa.
Payment of fractions by X value along with contract work with Y value.
Also aimed at Nomads who wish to live temporarily in a Luxury Hotel with several differentiated services in the riverside area, at the doorstep of the Portuguese capital with an additional profitability.
The values of houses in Montijo have increased by 30% in the years 2018 and 2019, about double the national average in Portugal.
With the launch of the Lisbon Airport extension project to change the Montijo Military base to a civilian airport, prices will continue to grow, (we can already see signs of this by the recovery of some buildings in the city centre as well as new construction that is already happening).
With the changes in these infrastructures the number of tourists will increase and consequently the revenues, and it is expected to create 10.000 jobs directly or indirectly.
Just 20 km from Lisbon, with the Vasco da Gama Bridge connecting to this exceptional project with the imprint of Citizen M Hotel, equipped with an intelligent system of hotel management, with numerous services and shops, can improve the efficiency of operation, management and obtain high profits. It will be located in Montijo Central Square in front of the Café da Praça, near the waterfront (Fisherman's Wharf), 100 metres from the Town Hall and 5 Km from the future Lisbon airport. 300 metres from the Montijo Mother Church/ Church of the Divine Holy Spirit (16th century), all commerce and services accessible by a simple walk or for those who enjoy cycling there is the Montijo Cycle Lane, currently made up of six different routes. The crossing of the Tagus River is assured by the Transtejo river transport, a boat trip to Lisbon not to be missed. Montijo is also known for its bullfighting tradition, good food, fados and wines.
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